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December 2012

“Adrian, I should start calling you ‘Magic Fingers.’ I came in on Monday with an extremely sore back and after your adjustment the next day I was pain free! Amazing!.”

˜ Dale Cameron, Whitby, Ontario

July 2012

“My experience has been very positive. The improvement in my headaches is fantastic making for a happier & more productive life. Thank you.”

˜ Shannon Botulenko, Whitby, Ontario.

April 2012

Dr. Robichaud: I suffered a terrible crush injury to my left foot in july 2008 and was dealing with extreme pain, swelling and was in a cast for 23 long months. After my cast i found my foot was not very strong or comfortable in regular shoes. I looked around a few different places and realized Dr. Robichaud had the whole package. Great prices, vast knowledge of orthotics and pain relief, and a general care for his patients that i witnessed first hand in dealing with him. I got a pair of orthotics and i will never go back! It has helped me along in the healing process of having a crushed foot immensely. Makes walking alot more comfortable for me personally. Although far from healed I am extremely pleased in how they have assisted in the healing process. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone having foot pain, back, knee or hip pain/problems to see Dr. Robichaud as soon as possible. IT WILL HELP YOU!! Thank you so much for giving me hope, and allowing me some relief from this terrible injury.

˜ Brock Dawson, Oshawa, Ontario

May 2012

Adrian, He is the best Dr. ever. If it was not for him I would never have known what’s wrong with my back. He really cares how his patients feel physically and emotionally.
Greatest Thanks,

˜ Candace, Oshawa, Ontario

October 2011

Doctor Robichaud:Thank you for fitting me in without an appointment this morning. I was able to work all day with minor spasms and leg pain.

What a huge improvement over the last four days where I was only able to get out of bed in the afternoon for 4-6 hours then suffered through many painful spasms.

I feel I am on the right path to full recovery over the next couple of weeks.

Thanks again.
˜ Mike C. Beaton, Oshawa, Ontario

July 2011

Thank you so very much, Dr Robichaud! You have just made my day even more special. And yes I am healthier now than ever and always grateful for it, even for this scorching day at humidex 46! I wish you immense health and wealth in all areas as well.

[I] Am in awe also that of all the orthotics services I called, out of the blue, I chose your services and am delighted for this great choice. More power to you!
God bless,

˜ Alice C, Whitby, Ontario

July 2011

Hey Adrian I received my Birks today along with the inserts! Thank You very much! Been wearing them around the house to get used to them…but I love them!!! Thanks again

˜ C. M., London, Ontario

March 2011

Dr. Robichaud saw me immediately after hearing about my headaches. I saw results quickly and he was always pleasant & professional. Thank you!

˜ Robin Beatty, Oshawa, Ontario

A very talented poetic patient wrote this one:

February 2011

With the pain that I was, I knew I had to go, so off to I went, to see Dr. Robichaud

It was a Wednesday, his day off to rest. Wanting to help me, he came in, as helping is what he does best! When he saw me and my condition, right away I knew he did care. He started to help me, he pulled up his chair. A sore back, something jarred out of place, my level of pain, he could see all over my face. Doing his assessment, and his notes he wrote assured me there’s relief and upside down, he did turn my frown. I started to smile, as he diagnosed that my sore back would be cured in a short while. A few treatments later he was ready to close my file. True to his word, he was, although at the time I thought it was absurd! I am now at a point, by doing his recommended rehabilitation exercises, I may not suffer a repeat sore back muscle joint. I’ll say it again, many sincere thanks to Adrian!

If every anyone asks me, “Do you know of a good chiropractor?” I’ll be sure to tell them, “Visit Dr. Robichaud, and how good he is you will see!”

˜ Sharon Smith, Oshawa, Ontario

May 21, 2010

My experience at the Robichaud Family Chiropractic Centre has been a very positive experience. From the moment you walk into the office and the time you leave, you feel very welcomed. Dr. Robichaud is a very patient, kind and understanding person. His secretary is also very personable and willing to assist with what she can. I recommend this centre to anyone without hesitation!

˜ Sheila Hansen, Oshawa, Ontario

January 13, 2010

I had such severe back pain on occasion to the point it affected my daily life. I did not understand just how much my back pain was affecting me until I started to get better. Not only was my physical being affected, so too was my social, emotional and spiritual being. You can’t visit friends when hurting, you become upset when you can’t do things you used to do and you question why me?

Since starting care with Dr. Robichaud, I have better emotional control, less pain, less anxiety, less tingling and numbness, greater flexibility, I can handle stress better, my co-ordination has improved, I am stronger, I have fewer headaches and I get a better night’s sleep.

It’s great to feel better.

˜ Bonnie Groome, Oshawa, Ontario[

February 17, 2009

I came to see Adrian to straighten my back and help relieve my hip (upper buttock) pain in the fall of last year. Because of getting care from Adrian, I am better coordinated, I have less shortness of breath and breathe better and I have fewer headaches, better emotional control and less muscular pain. Not only have I had all of those great improvements but also, I am more flexible; I am better able to handle stress and feel less depressed. I also have better bladder function. I have especially noticed that Adrian has helped me improve my posture and I have had rounded shoulders and a hunched back since I was a little girl (over 45 years now)!

My daughter (who is also my hairdresser) has noticed that I can actually bend my neck back when she goes do to my hair something she has never seen me able to do before!

˜ Susan Dobbin, Oshawa, Ontario

June 9, 2009

I started coming to Dr. Robichaud in the middle of May of 2009 for back pain.

Since I’ve been coming to see Dr. Robichaud I have gotten off all medication for the pain. I have less pain, greater flexibility and improved posture.

My opinion in one word would be awesome! I feel great and couldn’t have done it on my own.

˜ Mick Haddock

June 11, 2009

Since I have been coming to the Dr. Robichaud with my TMJ problem I have less pain and have greater flexibility opening my mouth.
Overall the office is nice, makes you feel very comfortable. They are flexible and very accommodating. Adrian knows what he’s doing and does a great job of being personable while also making sure to explain everything thoroughly.

˜ Lauren Johnston

October 16, 2008

I wish to express how glad I am that I came to see Dr. Robichaud for care. When I see Dr. Robichaud, I feel free to ask questions if I do not understand. He explains procedures sufficiently and is willing to spend time answering questions. Coming to the clinic has been a positive experience due to the doctor’s openness for discussion.

I have had so many improvements. Since my first visit in Aug 2008, I have better co-ordination, sleep better, take less medication and my posture has improved.

I feel my overall health is much improved and I can move with much more ease.

˜ Bev Johnston, Oshawa, Ontario

October 10, 2008

Since my first adjustment from Dr. Adrian, I have had many health gains. I have noticed that I have better coordination, I am stronger, my sinuses work better, and I have fewer headaches, better emotional control and less muscle pain. In addition, I feel less anxious and no longer suffer from depression, my posture is better, my bowels function better, I am better able to control my emotions, I have less PMS and cramps and I take less medication than I used to.

Dr. Adrian listens very well when I am explaining my symptoms and he is very clear with explaining what is happening and how treatment can improve my symptoms and treat my problem.

Going to the centre has always been a positive experience. Being a person not comfortable with touch, he has always made me feel comfortable. He always goes above and beyond in finding out new information that might help me.

Dr. Adrian has absolutely addressed all of my concerns adequately. I am completely comfortable with coming and bringing my friends and family to the centre for care. He gives care that is both physical and emotional helpful.


˜ Yvonne Smith, Oshawa, Ontario


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