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Our Patients Love Us!

Five StarsOctober 2017

Very comforting to know that if I could not be helped there that someone else can help. Relaxed atmosphere and perfect experience for a first timer!

˜Monique K.

Five StarsSeptember 2017

Love you are flexible

˜Andy H.

Five StarsAugust 2017

Clear and concise, as well as professional.

˜Jenn H.

Five StarsAugust 2017

Great practice, very helpful, informative and patient!

˜Kyle B.

Five StarsAugust 2017

Great service and quite knowledgeable. I’ve been having major chronic pains in my neck, shoulder and tingling in my fingers for approximately 3 months. My regular GP prescribed a variety of different medications to no avail. I also resorted to taking the regular over the counter medication, but again to no relief of the pain. I was recommended to go and see Dr. Robichaud. On my 1st assessment, I was dubious as to what to expect. I was astonished by his questions and his hands on approach in comparison to the GP I have been visiting. To-date, I have had 2 meetings with his practice and I have already felt the difference. I am self-employed, and with that being said, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. 2 days after meeting with Dr. Robichaud, I am now able to get back to work. Thank you immensely.

˜Mark P.

Five StarsJune 2017

I should start my story with ‘once upon a time’…. I called Dr. Robichaud this morning and I requested an appointment. My neck was stiffed, the pain was worse, it was bothering me for a while. In less than a couple of hours I was in his office. He carefully examined my neck, turned his magic fingers on it and all the pain and stiffness were gone. He is a magician! A real one! And this is a true story! If you have any kind of muscle issue, I truly recommend Dr. Robichaud. Call him, he is doing the MAGIC. Thank you Doc!

˜Misha L.

Five StarsJune 2017

I enjoyed the informative and caring tone by Dr Robichaud. Things are looking up in relieving the pain in my shoulder.

˜Philippe B.

Five StarsJune 2017
Thank YOU ! I recommended you to all of my friends because you are the best chiropractor in the area ! No hesitation !

˜Constantin L., Whitby, Ontario

Five StarsMay 2017

All I have to say is Adrian Robichaud is a miracle worker. He knows what you need and helps you get better. He cares more about his patients wellness then money and that’s what makes him an awesome Doctor. I have been going to him for years for different reasons, and if it wasn’t for his treatments I wouldn’t be working right now. Thank you so much for helping me achieve a healthy body!!!!

˜Candace M., Oshawa, Ontario

Five StarsMarch 2017

Excellent professional doctor who explains what he is doing and how it will benefit you. I have recommended him to other family members and will continue to do so.

˜Michelle L., Toronto, Ontario

Five StarsDecember 2015

It took no time to get in for a consult and appointment ensuring my care was underway quickly!

˜Dave P.

Five StarsDecember 2015

I’m feeling great, got back in to the gym this week and had no issues with recovery. Great work and relief you provided me at a moment I felt helpless and in constant pain. Thank you for responding to my needs so quickly and for the care you provided, truly a gift of freedom from the discomfort!

˜Dave Pereira

Five StarsMay 2015

Dr. Robichaud took the time to explain the issues I was having with my back in a simple and effective way that I could understand. The treatment I have received has been second to none and am well on the road to recovery.

˜Brenden N.

Five StarsDecember 2014

“I was very impressed with all aspects of my first visit to the office. The treatment went better than expected and I left feeling much better than when I arrived. Thank you for all of your help on this first visit and my follow up visits!”

˜T. La Fontaine

Five StarsNovember 2014

“I wanted to write to say thank you for the fantastic treatment I have received at your Chiropractic office. Your care to my injured neck has helped tremendously, even with the first treatment and every visit since then has helped more and more. On my way to a 100% recovery. Thank you Dr. Adrian!”

˜T. La Fontaine, Whitby, ON

Five StarsNovember 2014

“I started going to Adrian only two weeks ago. I have been experiencing headaches form the early age of seven. I did have some preconceived notions about Chiropractic care that have been put to rest. I have only had five visits thus far and I can honestly say that I have only had one headache in ten days that is a miracle to me. I am a woman of prayer and I believe strongly in the healing power of Jesus but I also have the understanding to know that God will also use the wisdom of doctors as well. Thank you Adrian I have been blessed and I know that I am on the right road to total healing and recovery. ”

˜L. Willis

Five StarsNovember 2014

“I have been going to Dr. Robichaud for a few years now, and couldn’t be happier. He is thoroughly professional, compassionate, and more than competent. He treats his patients as more than just another face. I first went to him in an emergency situation, and continue monthly adjustments to this day. If you are looking for a chiropractor, he’s your man! I highly recommend Adrian.”

˜L. Waldon

Five StarsOctober 2014

“This man is an Angel of the Lord…He has the biggest heart, He is my best friend forever because he is the greatest confidante, and chiropractor that has expedited my recovery from getting hit by a car, and having such pain…which he is alleviating with each visit. Love him and so will you!”

˜A. Stevens, Oshawa, ON

Five StarsOctober 2014

“My Feet feel GREAT! And my Back Pain is gone too! I am very happy and surprised that the new Orthotics have helped so much! So much, that I have been showing them to my co-workers. I have not enjoyed this level of foot and lower back comfort for a few years now and I regret not having seen you sooner than this past summer. I would recommend you to anyone and encourage them to pay you a visit!
Your Very Satisfied Client.”

˜P. Pottinger, Oshawa, ON

Five StarsSeptember 2014

“It’s nice to be able to walk around the block and not have my back feel sore!”

˜D. Byers, Whitby, ON

Five StarsMarch 2014

The best in Chiropractic service. I have been a patient for awhile and the holistic approach and alignments have helped me immensely.

˜B. Smith, Oshawa, ON

Five StarsMarch 2014

Before coming to see you, I couldn’t sit up straight in my car and everyone else noticed it too! Now, I had to move my seat up straight and it doesn’t hurt. Thanks so much!

Thanks again!! I notice a significant difference in not only the pain level but also my overall mood, sleep and day to day life :)

˜ Angela, Oshawa, ON

Five StarsJanuary 2014

I enjoyed meeting you very much, and i am so grateful for your help. I was able to finish work this afternoon feeling the best i have been in a week or so!! Much appreciated! See you soon :)

˜ Marilyn N., Oshawa, Ontario

Five StarsSince I’ve started coming here I have hardly had any pain and I used to pinch a nerve in my neck every 3 months and it’s been about 7 months now and still going strong.

˜ David B., Oshawa, Ontario

Five StarsSeptember 2013

Just ran 10k and had left foot push off for the first time in a few mos. … Thanks again !!!

Yours truly,

˜ Brian O., Whitby, Ontario

Five StarsSeptember 2013

Dear Dr. Robichaud:

Thank you so much for all of your help. It has been a great experience coming to your office. I can remember the first time I called you. It was a Saturday and I was very impressed that you personally answered the phone. I remember you telling me that you had an important family obligation that you had to get to, but that you would stay to help me. Now, I am from Whitby and there are many offices between my home and your location, but you impressed me and so I went to see you.

Well, you didn’t let me down and continued to impress me with the exceptional care you provided. I was so impressed that I was able to convince my husband, Sebastian to make the drive too. I appreciate that you have once again gave great care and now that he has seen you he has improvedtoo!

I hope others read this and decide to let you help them; they too will likely be impressed!

˜ Bonnie D., Whitby, Ontario

Five StarsJuly 2013

“I feel better every day since seeing Dr. Robichaud !! :)”

˜ Monique L. – Heads Up Hair Salon, Oshawa, Ontario

Five StarsJuly 2013

“It’s great! I haven’t had a recurrence since coming to see you!”

˜ D. Banbury, Oshawa, ON[

Five StarsJuly 2013

“These are the best orthotics I have ever had and I have been getting orthotics for 30 years!

˜ Lynne H., Courtice, Ontario



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