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Offering Orthotics for Oshawa

Custom Made Orthotics


Custom foot orthotics are biomechanical foot supports specifically designed to properly support your feet based on your specific needs. We make our orthotics from the highest quality light-weight and extremely durable polymers so that your orthotics are as comfortable as possible, while still correcting how you stand and walk.

Orthotic Group GaitScan

In order to provide only the best quality orthotics to Oshawa residents we use the highest quality sophisticated computerized diagnostic equipment, The Orthotic Group GaitScan. Our computer has over 4000 measuring points and takes 300 measurements every second.  A full-colour diagram and report are available immediately following your assessment to determine what best suits your needs.  In addition to computerized assessments we take three dimensional custom moulds of your feet using either plaster or foam and perform a complete biomechanical assessment of your feet and ankles.

A thorough history and examination are done right here in our Oshawa office to ensure that the orthotics will work optimally for each patient. We provide a complimentary benefits check if you want help with dealing with your insurance company.

Call us today at (905) 571-0821 for a complimentary consultation about your needs and to learn whether or not you require custom made orthotics.
Computerized Foot Scan

Why You May Need Orthotics

  1. Foot pain such as arch or heel pain.
  2. Bunions, hammer toes
  3. Leg weakness
  4. Leg / knee pain
  5. Hip or back pain — even neck pain

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company About Orthotics

  1. Which healthcare practitioners in the Oshawa area can prescribe the orthotics for re-imbursement?
  2. Which healthcare practitioners can dispense the orthotics for re-imbursement?
  3. How much is covered for orthotics? Is it a flat amount or a percentage of the total cost?
  4. How often are orthotics covered? i.e. annually, every other year and so on?
  5. What information does the insurance company require for reimbursement (i.e. receipt, prescription, biomechanical examination, any specific insurance forms etc.).

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