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Robichaud Chiropractic & Orthotics Orthotics Reviews

May 28, 2016

Hi Dr. Robichaud,

I am writing you this email to let you know how effective the custom orthotics that you provided me with have been. I have received multiple pairs from you over the past five years and can say that they have made my life more comfortable. I have less pain in my feet, legs, and back. I also no longer have problems with callouses on my feet. The orthotics are very durable and long lasting. I use them all the time, whenever I walk and would not go without them. I would recommend that anyone with any sort of pain or discomfort get tested for orthotics, as they have definitely improved my quality of life. I greatly appreciate all of your help Dr. Robichaud.

Yours truly,

˜ Rob Lanning, Oshawa, Ontario

April 11, 2012

Dr. Robichaud:

I suffered a terrible crush injury to my left foot in july 2008 and was dealing with extreme pain, swelling and was in a cast for 23 long months. After my cast i found my foot was not very strong or comfortable in regular shoes. I looked around a few different places and realized Dr. Robichaud had the whole package. Great prices, vast knowledge of orthotics and pain relief, and a general care for his patients that i witnessed first hand in dealing with him. I got a pair of orthotics and i will never go back! It has helped me along in the healing process of having a crushed foot immensely. Makes walking alot more comfortable for me personally. Although far from healed I am extremely pleased in how they have assisted in the healing process. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone having foot pain, back, knee or hip pain/problems to see Dr. Robichaud as soon as possible. IT WILL HELP YOU!! Thank you so much for giving me hope, and allowing me some relief from this terrible injury.

˜ Brock Dawson, Oshawa, Ontario

July 21, 2011

Thank you so very much, Dr Robichaud! You have just made my day even more special. And yes I am healthier now than ever and always grateful for it, even for this scorching day at humidex 46! I wish you immense health and wealth in all areas as well.

[I] Am in awe also that of all the orthotics services I called, out of the blue, I chose your services and am delighted for this great choice. More power to you!

God bless,

˜ Alice C, Whitby, Ontario

July 19, 2011

Hey Adrian I received my Birks today along with the inserts! Thank You very much! Been wearing them around the house to get used to them…but I love them!!! Thanks again

˜ C. M., London, Ontario

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