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Beating Business Stress

As business owners, we all know that being the boss comes with its fair share of stress. Fact is, as long as you are a business owner (and breathing) you will have a lot of stress. Being in the stress management business, I thought it would be wise to share some tried and true ways to beat business stress.

There are seven key ways to battle stress (and win). Read on to learn more.

1. Sleep

The first is sleep. I mean a good night of high quality restful sleep. Most people get only 6.7 hours of sleep a night. This is below the eight to nine hours a night that most people need. If you consistently run a deficit in your business you will be in trouble. A sleep deficit is much the same. The end result is you may end up feeling cranky most of the time, drink too much coffee, find it more difficult to start and complete tasks, feel down and anxious. It also increases your risk for depression. Go to bed at the same time

2. Sun

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel better on a sunny day. In fact research backs this up. There are fewer violent episodes and people do generally feel better on a sunny day. Without getting into the science of it, insure you get between fifteen and sixty minutes of sunshine early in the morning. It will help you sleep and improve your mood. If you are inside all day, purchase a sun light. They are available in health food stores and online. You will want one that is non-flicker, white light and 10,000 Lux. There are normally instructions on proper use. If you are not sure how to use it, speak with your natural health care provider.

3. Socializing

If you spend most of your time alone you won’t be as chipper as those who spend time with friends and loved ones. Humans have evolved to benefit from social interaction and require it to be happy and healthy. Set aside some time every week to meet up with friends/good acquaintances. Social interaction is one of the ways BPA Canada can benefit you.

4. Sea Food

Ingest a healthy amount of essential fatty acids with an anti-oxidant. For many people 1,500 mg a day is wise. This is 1,000 mg of EPA (eicosapentoic acid) and 500 mg of DHA (dexahexanoic acid) with 500 mg of vitamin C. Essential fatty acids (Omega 3’s) help with nerve function and play an important role in good heart health. They help to control inflammation, a process involved in a myriad of health conditions such as Chrohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and obesity.

5. Silence

Track your thoughts. If you are ruminating about negative things, say a slow week or month, it only makes things worse. Some thought is useful to alert you to a potential problem and to acquire information about it. Obsessive thinking does little to help and can distract you from productive work. It can also bring you down and get in the way of enjoying the good that could be right in front of you. Silence the rumination by using a mental trick such as snapping your fingers, or putting sticky note with “are you ruminating?” written on it, inside of a cupboard you use frequently. After a few weeks, your habit of ruminating should reduce.

6. Stroll

Quite literally, go for a walk. You need to exercise – period. Good news is that you can help beat business stress with as little as three thirty minute sessions per week (plus warm up time). The intensity must be moderate. In other words, you should still be able to talk, but find it difficult to say more than four or five words in a row before breathing again. If necessary, start out at five minutes a day for the first week and add five minutes a day the next week and so on, until you are able to walk the thirty minutes. The first five minutes of your walk should be easy and will not count towards your thirty minutes of exercise time. Consult with our physician before starting this or any other exercise program.

7. Swig

Even mild dehydration can cause mild symptoms of depression, such as difficulty starting a project, sadness and anxiety. When you feel stressed, drink a glass of water. You may just be a little dehydrated. Try water before going for the coffee too.



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By Dr. Adrian Robichaud
Robichaud Chiropractic & Orthotics

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