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Are You Getting the Nutrients Your Body Needs?

pouring supplement pillsFrom drive-thru dinners to microwaveable meals, many people don’t get the nutrients they need to enjoy optimal health. Vitamins are important for good health, and the best way to get them is in your food. But sometimes we don’t eat as well as we should, so it’s important to supplement.

A vitamin is a type of supplement, which is anything extra you take to your diet to help with food that is not food. A supplement could be a vitamin, mineral or herb. Vitamins are coenzymes that help your body process other chemicals more efficiently, and as a result, you’re healthier.

Up Your Antioxidant Intake

According to recent studies, if you have high antioxidant levels, you’ll have less incidences of Alzheimer’s or dementia. So that’s a compelling reason to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. However, if you find it challenging to eat the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables daily, it’s a good idea to take an antioxidant supplement or vitamins with antioxidants in them.

While many people take megadoses of certain vitamins, there can be too much of a good thing. One of the risks with fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, E, D and K is that if you overtake those, they will store in your fats, and you could end up with health problems.

Many people, however, are deficient in vitamin D because of sunscreen use, or they have dark skin, or they work inside all the time. Vitamin K is often low in people as well. Vitamin A should be taken as beta carotene, which is water soluble. For immune system support, you want to take vitamin C and D. Vitamin D helps prevent cancer; it’s not just about improving bone density.

Which Brand Should I Take?

Given the overwhelming number of vitamin brands on the market, it can be tricky to know which one to purchase. “If you want a more bioavailable vitamin, for example, it’s generally a good idea to get your vitamins from a health food store or naturopath rather than the pharmacy,” said Dr. Robichaud.

If you’re going to take a supplement from the pharmacy, you may want to ask the pharmacist for their recommendations. You can also talk to your naturopath or chiropractor to see what they recommend. Dr. Robichaud takes the Swisse brand multivitamin, which is more of a megadose multi versus popular brands, which provide just base level amounts of vitamins.

Low on energy? Supplementing with vitamin B12 may be helpful.

For more information about supplements that can benefit you, contact our practice today.

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